Mr. CodeBoy

This site contains all sorts of interesting and useful pieces of custom Mac software and AppleScripts. Please look around and download anything you like.

Mr. CodeBoy genuinely appreciates feedback, so be sure to visit the Contact page and drop him an email any time.

The story of Mr. CodeBoy:

Mr. CodeBoy has fond memories of programming his Commodore 64 during the 1980's. In fact, he was still using his custom programs as late as 1992, at which time he contracted microprocessor fever, and entered the world of Windows.

The first few years were not too bad, but once digital photography became mainstream, it was clear to Mr. CodeBoy that it was time to put the immature computing power of a generic system on the shelf, and invest in a real machine. He purchased his first iBook (G3) in December 2001. The following summer, he picked up a used PowerMac (dual G4), and by the spring of 2003, he was learning AppleScript.

Mr. CodeBoy was completely overtaken by the opportunities to automate his machines, as well as to simplify boring tasks that forced him to spend way too much time at the keyboard. His reasoning was simple: Why waste 20 minutes doing repetitive tasks when one can spend 3 hours generating an AppleScript to do it automatically?

This section serves as a repository for a few AppleScripts that Mr. CodeBoy continues to finds useful. He sincerely hopes that you will find something that you can use as well. All AppleScripts are completely free.

During October 2006, Mr. CodeBoy migrated from plain AppleScript to generating miniature applications using the AppleScript Studio module of XCode. It was a great time, but alas, as Mac OS X has evolved, many of those mini-apps did not work, or became obsolete.

For a few project ideas, Mr. CodeBoy could not devise efficient code within the confines of AppleScript, or the execution was just too darn slow. As a result, he earnestly pointed his energies toward learning Objective-C and Cocoa in March of 2008.