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EduTrack provides a simple, intuitive method to maintain the tracking of Continuing Education (CE) for the busy professional. After a brief and easy setup, every launch will present the user with an accurate and concise summary of how many hours have been completed toward the necessary number, and how much time remains to finish up.

Home View (Setup)

The EduTrack home view not only displays your continuing education (CE) detail summary, it allows you to modify those settings simply by pressing the appropriate button. The top button displays the next due date. Tap the button, and set the date for when your next CE requirements will need to be submitted.

The second button from the top offers a summary of how many hours have accumulated toward the number you must acquire. Touching this button presents the fields necessary to enter both the number of hours you need, as well as the time period (in years) that you have to gather them.

For example, if your state renews your license yearly on your birthday, and you are required to report your CE every year, you would first set the due date to your next birthday, set the hours to whatever is required, and set the Years Between Due Dates to 1. Now, when you enter CE Events, only those that occurred within the year before your next birthday will be applied toward your total.

A second example would be if your state requires that you report your hours every 3 years, but you must report them by 31 December. In that case, you would select 31 December of whichever year is your next one for reporting, then enter the number 3 in the Years Back field. In this scenario, EduTrack will apply all the hours in the 3 years prior to the 31 December due date, and present them to you upon every launch.

Event List

This is where you can see, add, edit, or delete the CE Events that you have already entered. It is sorted by Event Date, with the most recent at the top, therefore, it will look a little strange at first. If you need to edit any single Event, simply tap it, and the Edit Event view will appear with all of the data pre-filled into the fields. Change whatever is necessary, and then touch Save.

Add A New Event

You can add a new CE Event from the Home View, or from the Event List View. The New Event view will present three data fields, and a button with the current date. Fill in the appropriate data fields (none are required) and enter the number of hours for the Event in the Hours field.

Touching the date button will allow you to change the date to any date you wish. Incidentally, since the touch keyboard mostly obscures the date button, it is most efficient to set that first, then the other fields. (However, tapping the Done button on the keyboard will dismiss it.) Touch Save when you are finished, and you will return to either the Home View or the Event List, whichever you started from in the first place.

Tracking Your CE Hours

The Home View will always be correct. Whenever a CE Event is added, deleted, or changed, the information in the Home View is updated immediately. Whenever it does not seem correct to you, the first thing to do is check all of the settings, as outlined above.

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The sappy part

Craig A. Smith, DVM is grateful to the Shoreline School District in Seattle, to Edmonds and Everett Community Colleges, and to Washington State University for a tremendous (and enjoyable) public education. He is proud to be a taxpayer in the great state of Washington, and to do his part to provide learning and resources to the next generation.

He would also like to thank everyone that contributed to iOS Programming (published by Big Nerd Ranch) and iOS SDK Development (published by The Pragmatic Programmers) as well as Steve Kochan and Jed Green.

Particular gratitude is reserved for JT Hochstrasser - The Instrument Of Conversion waaaay back in 2001.

He is very pleased to be in a family with James, Rob (who generated all of the 'skeleton code' for EduTrack), and Cynthia; without whom he would never have done anything worthwhile with his life.