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This application places a textual timestamp into your device's clipboard. Every time you touch the Right Now button, whatever is in your clipboard is replaced with the textual version of the date and time (formatted to your preferences), as displayed in the Main view. You may now Paste that timestamp into any application you desire. The timestamp can be nearly as unique as you choose, including indicating the time in a list of time zones of your choosing.

Right Now

The Main View is where you can see an example of the timestamp that you have created. Every time you touch the Right Now button, the timestamp is updated with the time at the moment you initiated the touch, and your clipboard has been filled with the very same data. You may now Paste into any application you wish, and your unique timestamp will be there.

Select Time Zones

This view displays all the Time Zones you have selected to be included in your timestamp. You may choose as many as you wish, and give each one a unique name by tapping the ⓘ on the right of each Time Zone. You may use the same time zone as many times as you like, but each one MUST have a unique Custom Name. Your collection of Time Zones (and their Custom Names) is preserved in between launches.


Strategic use of the options here can assist you in creating your perfect timestamp. Play with the nifty little switches, and see your timestamp in the Main View at any time by tapping Right Now. When the Right Now On Launch is toggled on, launching the app results in your timestamp automatically being created and copied into the clipboard. You can then move immediately to your target app and paste the timestamp.


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The Sappy Stuff

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