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Current Version: 1.1.0

Continuing Education (CE) for the busy professional often offers a relaxing few days away from the office or clinic. Keeping track of how many hours you have acquired toward your quota is often a pain. EduTrack was created to solve that.

After a simple and intuitive set-up, you only need to enter the CE Events with their associated hours, and EduTrack will automatically track the time and the due date for you. Whenever you are curious about how many more hours you need, and by when, you can find out with a single tap.

You can view the Help file for EduTrack here.

EduTrack is an iOS application for both iPhone & iPad. It is available at the iOS App Store for US$0.99.


Current Version: 1.0.0

Entering multiple dates into your Calendar is a cinch when those dates can be expressed in a nice, neat, repeating pattern. Unfortunately, when multiple dates DON'T have a clean repeat pattern, cutting and pasting Event Data in Apple's Calendar Application is functionally impossible on iPhone.

OddCal is here to solve those dilemmas. Via the simple, intuitive interface (Click for screenshots), you can choose as many dates as you like, and assign the same Event Title (with or without a Location or a Note) to all of them. Events can have Start and End times, or be marked as All Day. And yes, you can choose any calendar in your Calendar application you want, as long as you have write privileges.

You also have the option to generate Unique Events. Every date you place into the Date List can have its own Title, Location, Note, and Start/End times. Your collection of dates can contain any combination of Standard and Unique Events.

You can view the Help file for OddCal here.

OddCal is an iOS application for iPhone. It is available at the iOS App Store for US$1.99.

OddCal is also available for your Mac

Time Stamp Text

Current Version: 1.1.0

Many times, it is just plain cool to have a textual Time Stamp to paste somewhere. It is even cooler when you can create a Stamp with multiple time zones.

Time Stamp Text offers you the flexibility and creative control you MUST have when you need to show your Time Stamp skills. Within seconds, you will create a Stamp that is just right for your needs, available precisely when you need it.

You can view the Help file for Time Stamp Text here.

Time Stamp Text is an iOS application for iPhone & iPad. It is available for FREE at the iOS App Store.